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candle care

As wood wicks are new to many, please find our tips and why they're important to give your candle its best life. 


1. It is crucial to allow the wax to reach a full melt pool, burning for a minimum of an hour for the first burn.

Wax has a "memory", meaning that it will continue to burn as it did like the first time. A common issue is "tunnelling" where the candle did not reach a full melt pool (usually on the first burn) therefore forming a tunnel down the candle, which can put out the flame. Aim to allow enough time for a full melt pool each use of the candle. 

Pro tip: Light from the base of the wood wick. Hold your candle on an angle while lighting to reach the base of the wick and remember it may take several attempts to get it lit successfully. 

2. After the first burn, trim the wick before each use between 1/8 and 1/4 of an inch and remove all debris. If the flame is more than 1.5 inches or if the candle smokes, blow it out and wait for it to cool down before trimming. 

3. Do not burn for longer than 3 hours as it can cause the glass to become extremely hot. 

4. Store out of direct sunlight to avoid discolouring. 

Small Flame Concern

During the first lighting session of the candle, it may take a little time for the wood wick to gain momentum. Once lit, the soy wax is what fuels the flame meaning that the more melted wax there is, the stronger the flame will be. While the candle takes an hour to reach a full melt pool, the flame may appear weak. It should strengthen once the full melt pool has been achieved. 

Tunneling Concern

A little trick to save your candle should tunnelling have occurred the first time you lit it, is to light it again and leave it for a long enough period that it has melted its way out of the tunnel, and blow it out. Then immediately while the wax is still melted you'll have to pour a dash of the melted wax into the garbage, or soak it up with paper towel to be sure not to drown the wick and flame going forward. 

If this issue has happened over multiple short burns, resulting in a deep tunnel, please shoot us an email at with a photo so we can help revive it!