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glass recycling program

We're always striving to be more eco-conscious around here. Our packaging is recyclable, we use biodegradable wax, we source our fragrance oils from a local Canadian companies, we reuse packaging from bulk inventory orders and we walk small orders when possible to the post office instead of driving.  

We know that these things matter and now you can help us be more eco-friendly with our recycling program!

How you can take part: 

  • Return a minimum of 2 glass vessels 
  • They don't have to be cleaned out, and the label can still be on them.
  • We accept the return of the burlap bags in addition to the glasses. (We know how those can pile up too!)
  • You can get those glass vessels to us when we deliver your next order or arrange a drop off by emailing 

Benefits for you:

  • 10% off your next order  🙌  
  • Less clutter around your home, more space for new candles!🕯
  • You're giving the vessel a new life by allowing it to be another candle bringing joy to someone else 😊
  • Help reduce landfill waste 🌎

Thank you for your commitment to helping reduce waste and encouraging reusing and repurposing!